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What you should know about the Dodd-Frank Act

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Re: Dodd-Frank Act

I was hoping for more that just talking points, my dude. 


Also, what about the extra affordances D-F brought like a right to a FICO score and tightening up the subprime market (that got us into the 2007 mess in the first place)?

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Re: Dodd-Frank Act

It’s good to see DF reformed. It did much more harm than good. 

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Re: Dodd-Frank Act

As a friendly reminder, political statements are not allowed in ANY forum of myFico including here in the Dodd Frank Forum so please keep this in mind when you are commenting. Posts have been removed from this thread and some have been edited for content.

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Re: Dodd-Frank Act

I am usually appreciative of consumer based laws vs those that help the banks.

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Re: Dodd-Frank Act

Thank you Mako50 for your information on the Dodd-Frank Act.  When my husband and I finished building our house, we went to finalize the building loan and get a Mortgage.  The loan officer at our bank told me that we had to have a month to month balance in our checking account of $2000-3000.  I had gone to another bank and talked to their Loan Office about this requirement and was told if our bank did not want to give us a mortgage loan that he would be glad to do it for us.  I went back to our bank and told the Loan Officer if we could not get a mortgage with him, we had a bank who was willing to write a mortgage for us.  We got the mortgage with our bank.  I wonder if something like this might be a violation of the Dodd-Frank Act now.  I knew things seem to be better now for mortgages than they used to be, but I did not know why until reading the information on the Dodd-Frank Act and the information you have provided.  Again, I thank you!

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Re: Dodd-Frank Act

Any updates or changes?

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