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How to post picture signature and make the SAME size!

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How to post picture signature and make the SAME size!

1. Find Card image, save onto computer preferably as .JPEG image.

2. Upload to photobucket.

3. Copy the line of code below and then copy and paste the DIRECT link in the space indiciated in the code

4. Utilitze this line of code:

<img src="Insert direct link from photobucket here" height="38" width="60.68" title="label when hovered over here">

5. This specific line of code will make all of your pictures the same exact size so they are evenly aligned. The pictures are the same size as my signature.

6. Celebrate and STOP here if you are happy or technologically challenged. 



Advanced for custom same size images:

1. Download google chrome

2. Find someone with a signature that has an image size you like.

3. For MAC: command+option+i           For PC: ctrl+option+i 

4. This deploys the developer menu in the upper left of the developer window click the small button labeled inspector.

5. Hover over the image size you like. Write the dimensions down. (Width X Height).

6. Change the height in the above referenced code to what you want. 

7. This is where it gets tricky hold onto your seats. Subtract 5.99 from the width in the image size you want.

8. Enter the new number into the width field in the above referenced code. 


Example the width you want is 66.67. You would subtract 5.99 from 66.67 to get 60.68. You enter 60.68 in the width field of the code above.


9. Enjoy your custom signature, and happy posting!



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Re: How to post picture signature and make the SAME size!

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