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Is there a way to block XXXXL signatures?

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Is there a way to block XXXXL signatures?

Some people have pictures of credit cards in their signatures that are just one huge block of multiple, blown up cards taking up half of my 15inch laptop screen. I'm aware that  this is one of the glitches since the forum upgrade but is there a way to block it until it's fixed?

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Re: Is there a way to block XXXXL signatures?

Google Chrome's Ad Blocker lets you block DIVs but you lose the entire signature line.  Works for me, though.  Kinda bites since I can't see signatures that I'd like to, but it's OK.


I block this code:


class="UserSignature lia-message-signature" >

and that cuts all the signatures out.


One thing you CAN do is discretely and individually block any annoying images using Ad Blocker.  Just click "Block an ad" then highlight the offending image and block just the IMG code.  Done.


If you want to burden the mods here, you can also "report" a post and tell them that the image is way too big and they can go in and manually add the size tags to the IMG tag.

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