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MODS **bleep**

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Re: MODS **bleep**

Dustink wrote:

Thank you for fixing it.

I'm still having issues posting. Smiley Sad

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Re: MODS **bleep**

Significantly better than last night.

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Re: MODS **bleep**

Jimmy Kimmel would have a field day with this.

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Re: MODS **bleep**

I believe the bleepin' problem has been bleepin' fixed Smiley Happy But if you encounter any more bleepin' issues, please send me a PM with the details of your error. 



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Re: MODS **bleep**

llecs wrote:

Hi Dustink and all, I haven't looked around yet since I just logged on but I see many mentions of technical issues with the smut filter.  Words like **bleep**, **bleep**, **bleep**, **bleep**, and probably **bleep**will continue to be removed. They are removed because these forums are corporate-sponsored and because these forums are family-friendly.  Similarily, variations of these words are zapped too just like your **bleep** comment above. I can't speak for anyone reading this, but I know I wouldn't want my wife, my daughter, my mom, or other family to read posts that contain words like **bleep**, **bleep**, and **bleep**. I know in the times we live in words like **bleep** and **bleep** are commonplace. If anyone ever has the urge to say words like **bleep**, just yell at your family or yell in a bag if that works. 


Stay tuned everyone. They are still working on it. If anyone has the urge to say **bleep** or **bleep** in the future, yell in a bag or continue to yell it at your family and friends if that makes you feel better. Have a **bleep** day!


ETA....I'll also add that the smut filter is editing out more than just words; it seems to edit out whole sentences. FYI. Still being worked on I guess.

Okay I know this is a serious issue but I had to laugh when reading your repost. I mean all the bleeps in there. LOL Smiley Wink

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