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My Fraud Alert & Myfico purchases.

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My Fraud Alert & Myfico purchases.

So i went to purchase my 3 in 1 view of all of my scores, and things went good, got a confrmation for my order, and then moments later i get another email asking to call in to validate my identity so i call and get a nice rep who askes me all the questions and i pass the validation and she says everything is fine, just log out and wait 2 to 3 minutes and log back in and i'm all set.


So i wait over 3 minutes, and then i log in and only see my Equifax information and score (723) and so i hit check scores for experian and it wanted me to buy it, so i was like what the heck? so i called myfico back and explained this and after he verified me he says there's a block on my equifax file and he was surprised that i was able to see it, and he said to call them and have it lifted, i told him i don't have a block on equifax but i have a fruad alert on all 3 and he said that's why then, and he then suggested i call all 3 and have it removed. He then said since " the order is incomplete" i will be refunded for the whole purchase.


So looks like soon the equifax info may disappear. I did take some quick peaks and i was able to confirm my recent app for the paypal extras mc is an actuall mastercard and its reporting the $3k limit like i was approved for.


It's strange that myfico's identity validation didn't seem to allow the purchase to go through properly, it just seemed to open my account back up from the way it looks.



I'm not lifting or removing the fraud alert, i'll just wait till it falls off in a month or 2 and try again to purchase the reports and scores if i want them.


Anyone else have a simular experiance?

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Re: My Fraud Alert & Myfico purchases.

I didn't. I've had Fraud alerts on on 2 years and last year I was able to pay for 3 months of scorewatch w/ no issues.

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