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Need help using the "free" trial

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Need help using the "free" trial

I signed up for the so-called "free trial" a few days back on 2/27. I was pretty pleased with the product at first - very smooth, easy to use and understand, and quite efficient. That is, until I noticed two things.


First, a dollar was charged to the credit card I signed up with. I don't know what that is, but I signed up under the assumption that the trial subscription was free and without snags. While it's only a dollar, I don't believe in giving away free money either. Or letting other people take it from you without permission.


Second, I only got one score report. As I understand it, you need score reports to make score watch actually work - kind of misleading in my opinion, as each score report costs a whopping $15 on top of membership prices if I were to continue with my subcription beyond the trial (that whole bait and switch routine). This is pretty irritating, and I'd like to get my second "free" score report - if it is in fact free, before I cancel my subscription.


Anyone care to shed some light?

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Re: Need help using the "free" trial

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