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Please bring back the old site!

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Re: Please bring back the old site!

Agreed. I used to enjoy spending an hour or so on MyFico regularly. Now all I'm doing is stopping by every few days to see if anything has improved. It never has.


Even the simplest things like bad links (the Community link going to the main MyFico page rather than the forums, for example) and the jarring color codes, remain unfixed. I understand that making a complete overhaul of a botched site is a big project, especially if the original designers are incompetent to make the repairs and a new source for web work has to be found. But some of these mistakes could have been fixed literally in minutes and the work isn't being done.


Then there's that vague, soothing "Members, we're listening" announcement that was put up weeks ago and is still sitting there with no further updates, no progress reports, no responsiveness to user and customer concerns. 


I don't want to leave this community because the people and the collective wisdom are outstanding, but I can't navigate the forums comfortably any more and even if I do find a discussion I want to follow, it's painful to try to read.

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Re: Please bring back the old site!

I absolutely love this site, and am very grateful for it and its contributors, however I do find myself checking in less since the forum change.  I know the powers in charge are looking at it and hopefully will make some changes or go back to the old site, however I sure hope it happens soon.  What this site and its members offer is VERY important.  We need to keep it alive and healthy!  


Hoping that we hear a bit more soon!  





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Re: Please bring back the old site!

I also have logged in much less since the change. It's really an eye sore on a laptop regardless of which browser I use. I also joined another forum elsewhere but prefered this one for the content and I wouldn't have gotten as far as I did without the advice I received here so I rather be here but it's killing my eyes. I wonder if the people who are loving it are on mobile devices? Cellphones and iPads.  Ugh.

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Re: Please bring back the old site!

No, they have not fixed the mobile experience, either. Huge font, bad formatting (everything looks like it's double spaced and hard-coded to a certain width), and scrolling scrolling scrolling.

I used to be able to scan topics headers at maybe 10-12 per page. Now it's 2-3.

I still read and participate, but like many have said, I spend far less time here per visit than I used to.

The change in what options are available and what information is presented doesn't matter much to me; I can deal with that. It's the WAY everything is formatted that makes it annoying to browse now.

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Re: Please bring back the old site!

I'm another who used to post frequently and find myself on here less and less. The new design is jarring, everyting is way too big, and in general it's just a chore to read where it was much easier on the eyes before.


I hope there are some fixed implemented soon, especially for the mobile version. It's unusable.

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