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Suzie Orman Kit remaining reports

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Suzie Orman Kit remaining reports

My wife and I recently purchased the Suzie Orman MYFICO kit which includes three credit report inquiries each. Both for my wife's account and my account, we are only allowed two. When purchased, we ran the TU and EQ reports on each of our accounts. E.g. two reports. Despite this, the Suzie Orman kit tells us "Reports remaining: 0" on both accounts. Why is this, we only ran two reports each. This sounds similar to how the credit reporting agencies calculate your credit score. E.g. 3 - 2 = 0. Any idea what is going on here? Best regards.
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Re: Suzie Orman Kit remaining reports

In efforts to avoid board clutter and confusion I have locked this thread. Please check here (Link) for responses to your inquiry. Thank you.

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