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Username Issue


Username Issue



I was wondering if one of the admins/mods here can assist. MyFico for some reason deactivated my login after I cancelled my membership and they purged my whole account because I apparently had a duplicate account. I had originally signed up for the forums and have a few threads with my rebuild progress and other things under the username that was with the account that was allegdely purged. (user name for the forums hram13). Is there any way to merge that with this new user name that customer support just forced me to create. 


thanks, any help appreciated!

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Re: Username Issue

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Somebody should be along soon to assist you.

I don't know if merging name history is an option. In my experience is isn't but perhaps they can reactivate your old handle..

Good Luck..



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Re: Username Issue

I still see your old username.  Does your password simply just not work with it?  Let me call @UncleB into this and see if he can explain or help you any better as I rarely make it to this portion of the forum..  I am assuming your problem is a SSO(single sign-on issue) which us as moderators can't do anything about with recovering the accounts that I know about.  Lets see what uncleb has to say as I rarely come to this forum, but happened to see this post.  

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Re: Username Issue

Hi @Hram13@CreditCuriosity is exactly right - your other ID looks fine as far as the forums go.


I've known of myFICO to purge records before but it's not that common.  If you haven't already, give them a call to see if they can reset your other ID.  They can be reached at 1-800-319-4433 (Mon - Fri 6am to 6pm Pacific Time, Sat 7am to 4pm Pacific Time).


If they are able to reset your other ID let us know (by posting here) and we can help you get rid of the new one.  Smiley Wink



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