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images in sig

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images in sig

I'm trying to create a sig with images and it's not letting me.  Says invalid HTML.  Something going on?


Here's what I'm trying to put in there...


<img src="" title="Seedling Garden Club Member" border="0" width="50" height="67" align="right"><img src="" height="50" title="8/16 CB&T Cash Rewards Platinum $1,000"><img src="" height="50" title="4/17 Cap1 QS WEMC $10,000"><img src="" height="50" title="4/17 AmEx BCE $4,000"><img src="" height="50" title="5/17 CF $19,800"><img src="" height="50" title="5/17 Citi DC $4,500"><img src="" height="50" title="5/17 CFU $19,800">


Don't know why the code box is inserting line breaks in the middle of the last URL but you get the idea... 

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Re: images in sig

I had this problem on my home computer running Chrome on MacOS.

I did it from my work computer (IE on Windows) and it worked fine.
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