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1B Reported Old Info, MyFico Won't Refund At This Time


1B Reported Old Info, MyFico Won't Refund At This Time

On 5/17/2017 at exactly 1:20PM I received a MyFico e-mail and then a subsequent mobile app alert that my credit score had changed based on Transunion information.  I checked in and saw my score was at a 722, up 18 points, due to all bankcard balances totalling $330.  I had paid a $1514 balance on Discover down to $0 and was left with $330 on my AMEX card.


On 5/17/2017, at 6:19PM that same day, I ordered a new 1B Transunion report.  I am a 3B ultimate subscriber and wanted to see my updated mortgage score sooner than my next available 3B report on 6/12/2017.  This report instantly dropped my MyFico TU score back to 704.  Upon looking at my report I clearly see Discover is still being listed on the report with a balance of $1514.  This inaccurate balance puts my credit utilization at 22% and is listed as the #2 factor affecting my score.  The correct balance of all revolving accounts is $1704, $1374 being my retail Amazon store card.


5/18/2017, I call MyFico and discuss this report with a customer service rep.  She was very rude and told me that the report they sold me is the latest and greatest from TU and that if the score dropped it was because some recent negative information must have been updated since the last 3B report. She was unwilling to elaborate or research why.  She told me it was my responsibly to call TU and discuss why they sent over a report with the Discover card balance.  She even argued that MyFico doesn't show a TU balance change from Discover even though it's still showing as my most recent TU alert to this day!


5/25/2017, I got another e-mail from MyFico and a MyFico app notification that my TU information has changed.  When I log in however, no new alerts appear.  So after my previous call to MyFico I just dropped the issue figuring it would right itself eventually.  This most recent alert issue however has me pissed because it's like it's teasing me.  I'm a paying customer and I'm not able to get help making this right!  With that, I called TU and spoke with a rep there.  He tells me the account is clearly listed as $0.  


5/25/2017 6:07-6:50pm, I call MyFico back tonight after talking with TU and I get "Terry".  He and I start to briefly talk about the issue and he said it sounds like I got the alert but the entire MyFico system was not updated with the most current information.  He digs further and keeps saying maybe it's something else that brought my score down the exact amount it went up prior to the new 1B report.  He even goes as far as to say the Discover card was new and was never on a report before.  I actually  had to pull up the last 3B report from 3/31/2017 and prove to him it was in fact listed in the previous report.  So onto Terry's next excuse and despite it feeling like he actually was trying to help I just could not get him to admit fault.  We went round and round with me asking "How is my last and most recent TU alert showing 5/16/2017 as the date and my TOTAL balance on all bank cards $330 but the report I paid for hours after getting the alert of that change, showing my Discover card carrying the previous balance.".  He actually saw exactly what I was saying but tried every reason under the sun not to admit fault.  Eventually, and as calmly as I could, I asked Terry to understand I paid for a 1B report to gain accurate and up to date information but clearly this 1B report did NOT provide the most up to date information.  It should not be my fault that their MyFico alert notified me of this change before all of the MyFico systems had accurately reflected this change.  I pointed out that my credit card is on file for a monthly subscription of the 3B Ultimate service for myself AND my girlfriend.  After paying nearly $90 this month to MyFico, the only simple request I have is a refund of the inaccurate 1B from TU and for them to process a new 1B TU report.  I don't even want the money, I just want the new report.  Well Terry understood and went to speak with a manager.  After a ten minute hold he came back to inform me that the had spent the time looking over the accounts and he was requesting addition time to look over stuff.  10 additional minutes or so and Terry comes back on the line.  No mention of this "manager" or indication that he had spoke with anyone else, he informs me that this is above what he is able to understand.  He is requesting that this account gets escalated to a higher department for review.  Then he proceeds to tell me that they will research the issue and send me an e-mail indicating their determination.  What?!  So now I get the run around from someone who is going to give me a BS excuse just like the first MyFico rep from 5/18 and just like Terry tried so hard to do tonight.  He is claiming that refunds can only come from that department and they no refunds or promo codes can be provided from his department.  So now I am at the mercy of someone who knows I can't argue back to send me what they feel like as a reply.  I told Terry I wanted a note added that I only want contacted via my phone number, and not my e-mail, but I'll bet a months paycheck they disregard me and send an e-mail that I won't have the option of replying to.    


As you can tell from the long windedness of this article, I am clearly frustrated.  I thought it was a simple request to ask only that they provide a new 1B report since I too agree that their system must not have been reflecting my lastest balance with Discover as of the time I purchased the last report.  That said, I paid for an old report and all I want is for them to issue a new one.  I'm not some guy trying to scam them out of a product, I'm a guy who has throughly stumped an account specialist with a genuine bug that I ended up paying for.  I'm giving them 48 hours, which is the time frame I was quoted from Terry, before I cancel all of my MyFico subscriptions and before I call my bank to dispute the 1B TU report cost.  It is ridiculous that I am paying for a simple service and I am getting treated so poorly despite the high cost of these subscriptions!


I am too new to post photos but if a moderator could grant me access, I would be willing to show documented evidence of each claim I've just made.  E-mail with time stamps, my most recent 3B, the 1B in question and MyFico dashboard alerts.

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Re: 1B Reported Old Info, MyFico Won't Refund At This Time

I literally just had this happen to me got an notification that my TU score went up 13 pts . Went ahead and bought a 1B report to see my mortgage score. Long and behold it's a old report that doesn't reflect my utilization change

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