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3B Ultimate Automatic Reports

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3B Ultimate Automatic Reports



I've been very active in monitoring my credit recently and decided to upgrade to the 3B+ program so I could have monthly reports instead of quarterly ones.  With the quarterly reports I was able to select which day to pull my report, so that I could monitor them as needed, however much to my suprise, when I upgraded, a report was automatically pulled, and it seems like a new one will be generated the same day each month.


While, the date isn't necessarily bad,  I usually pull my reports around the 15th, and the 19th isn't too much later.  I am a bit put out over the fact that I had just pulled my last report 4 days ago, and had planned to pocket my 3b+ report until the 30th to get a mid-cycle update.


Perhaps I missed the fine print somewhere, but I certainly would have waited a few weeks to upgrade if I had know that these reports are pulled automatically instead of at my discrettion. I would recommend any other users who plan to change their subscriptions to be aware of this change.





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Re: 3B Ultimate Automatic Reports

My monthly pull happens when I want it to.  I bet it's only the first one that forces when it's pulled but contact support and ask!

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Re: 3B Ultimate Automatic Reports

I have Premier 3B.. Once they charge your monthly fee each month, you'll get a credit for one new 3B report that expires a month later.. You can redeem and refresh that one report any time you want during that period.

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Re: 3B Ultimate Automatic Reports

So on my phone it states "your next report update 11/19" but on my computer it reads "next available: 11/19".


Interesting, I guess I will see in a month.

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Re: 3B Ultimate Automatic Reports

I also recently upgraded from 3b to 3b+. When you upgrade the first new report happens instantly at the time of upgrade, however future reports happen at your choosing. When you see the "next report available on xx/xx" date what it means is that you'll have the report credited and available to you on that date but it won't pull the report until you use it.

I upgraded to 3b+ on 8/30 & it pulled the report instantly. Next pull was on 9/29 followed by 11/1, both times at my direction. You'll be free to choose your date - I think the only limitation is it has to be used with 30 days of issue.
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