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Can I get a refund....

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Can I get a refund....


I have an alert set to trigger if my score changes from my target score...


And then I order a new Score Power and the score is differet?

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Re: Can I get a refund....

You'd have to call myFICO to ask about any refund.


Scores can change daily. What triggered the change in score, if known?

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Re: Can I get a refund....

No telling what triggered the score month, maybe age?


But if the score changes, i should get an alert since I have my target score = to current score.


BTW, RG3 is from my hometown. 

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Re: Can I get a refund....

RG3 is a stand up guy from what I've been seeing. Pretty cool mic'd-up montage from the game. OK, I digress.....


SW doesn't monitor your EQ FICO for changes daily. It says it monitors your EQ FICO every 7-10 days and will alert you via a Score Alert. As you know you can get alerted every day if changes occur on your reports everyday. SW will monitor for Credit Alerts and will throw out your lates EQ FICO regardless of the target score. However, if your reports are quiet and nothing is triggering a credit alert, then that's when the monitoring of your score begins and you could get alerted via a score alert.


So...if your FICO changed on the 1st, let's say, then it's possible to not receive a score alert for another 7-10 days. That's why you see some folks in here grumble when they pull a new FICO report and see a score change they weren't alerted to...had they waited then they would have received the alert. Who know what caused your FICO to change (without studying the report), but the first of January is plausible. Lots can happen: all of your accounts turn a month older, AAoA can potentially change, accounts can drop, inquiries hit a year, and so on. None of these would trigger  a credit alert and then the monotoring would kick in for an alert at a later date. Most of my score changes occurred on the first.



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