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Cancelling myFico Trial Run... (Not too bad!)


Cancelling myFico Trial Run... (Not too bad!)

I've been reading about how hard it is to cancel your trial membership with myFico. Some called it a scam, a hoax, a bait-and-switch, the ole' flim flam. 


Needless to say, I was dreading calling them. But today was the day it needed to be done. 


I was on old for approximately 10 minutes (to be expected when everyone is calling the same number and there are no routing options). Spoke to a good guy named Kerry. Asked why I wanted to cancel, offered the "stay with us" special, and then canceled! Boom! Just like that, confirmation email and all. The whole conversation lasted MAYBE 5 minutes...


AAANNNDDD... this gentleman did confirm that myFico will be getting Experian scores in the next 90 days. I didn't ask if they were FAKO or FICO, but they're getting some version of EX.


I wrote all that to say this, I will definitely be a customer of myFico in the future. Pleasant experience today.

Scores as of 7/28/13: EX.683   TU.688   EQ.???
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