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Credit Karma updates, but not myFico?


Credit Karma updates, but not myFico?

Hey All,


I'm a paid subscriber to myFICO, and also have a free account over at Credit Karma.


Yesterday, I got an alert from both Equifax and Trans Union (through CK) stating that 2 of my collection items were updated to 'paid' - and one of them was outright removed from my Trans Union CR - which is great.


I know they use a different scoring model over there, but regardless my Equifax vantage went up 67 points, yet I've not seen any new activity on my acct here at myFico for a few days - either alerting me about the new paid reporting, or the removal of a collection from Trans Union.


Is the updating process here different from that of Credit Karma?

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Re: Credit Karma updates, but not myFico?

I have found the same thing.  Credit Karma seems to be much more on top of daily updates to your report.  I beginning to feel like the only thing My Myfico subscription is good for is in fact the real fico scores that are updated on a very irregular and odd basis compared to not only credit karma but also Experian direct and equifax direct.  Transunion direct is my opinion totally worthless because it doesn't give you a fico score and only updates once a month and the only alerts you get there is when someone checks your credit.

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Re: Credit Karma updates, but not myFico?

I found the same thing.  Not too fast to report.  I check CK all the time.  My scores seem to be just about the same from each.  Plus it's free.  I also have an account with EQ.  They will give you your Fico score if you pay them.  But give you daily updates on any changes.  For me, they seem to be the quickest.  You can also get all your fico scores from different cc's.  Although, some will state that they are not true fico, just the score from that credit bureau's site.

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Re: Credit Karma updates, but not myFico?

Yesterday I apped for a card that pulls TU. Got alerts from Transunion, Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, and Capital One. No alert from MyFico.

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Re: Credit Karma updates, but not myFico?

My husband and I are noticing the same thing. When we purchased a car recently I literally had CK alerting me in real time as hard inquires were being made. That is simply awesome especially for a free service. My FICO on the other hand is days behind. CK notified me of the car loan appearing on my TU and Equifax reports. It's still not showing on my FICO. When I called customer service I spoke with a woman who was condescending and argumentative. Her solution was I should call the CR agencies and insist they update my FICO. I wish I was kidding but that was her solution. I get that my FICO is the only place to get a real FICO number but is it worth paying for the service monthly or would we be better off buying scores as needed? I believe I know the answer.
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Re: Credit Karma updates, but not myFico?

Same deal for me. My credit karma (a free service) updates more or less in real time, and MyFICO doesn't keep up to date. I also called in once and got a condescending response from MyFICO representative. I paid 60.00 for 3B - and not feeling like I'm getting my money's worth at all.
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Re: Credit Karma updates, but not myFico?

Crazy thing is, with MF, even the TU score isn't accurate, which seems crazy considering where it's coming from, however, it has had an 11 point glitch for 2 months now. 


I literally only use the service once every few months just to get my additional scores you can't get elsewhere.  As a monitoring service it is severely lacking.

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Re: Credit Karma updates, but not myFico?

My last update from myFICO is awful.


EQ update: 5/11/16
TU update: 5/8/16
EX update: 5/4/16

I mean I have bunch of statements that would post that would qualify as a trigger for all there never mind I had three medical collections dropoff and not a peep from myFICO.  One thing I noticed is that between 10th and 17th of the month there's always no reporting.  It's odd.  I just canceled.  Other service is doing much better than this.  Not worth the $30/month.


Walmart is showing the latest score (as of today).  CK also is updating but best is Wallethub for seeing any account changes.  Come on myFICO.  You should be doing way better than this.

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Re: Credit Karma updates, but not myFico?

myFICO should give all versions of FICO everyday in real time for the monthly subscription, just my opinion...

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