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Differences in Credit Report on MyFico Vs. Equifax....

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Re: Differences in Credit Report on MyFico Vs. Equifax....

Same thing happened to me.  I have a membership with Scorewatch.  I've noticed several discrepancies.  For example,  I had a charge off account with Dell back in 03.  This fell off on the other 2 reports thru myfico and the individual CRAs.  I looked on my report my report thru Equifax and its still showing,  My accounts under myfico for equifax is no longer showing.  I updated my report on SW and that was a waste of $10.95.  Also, I haven't gotten an alert for my score improving.  When I checked on myfico, I'm 672.  It matched on both as 663 a month or so ago.  I liked SW up until a month ago.


I've been hearing about a lot of glitches with SW.




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