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Dropped CCT and might pickup MyFICO

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Re: Dropped CCT and might pickup MyFICO

I've been a MF customer since January - just don't post unless I have someting useful to offer.   I spend more time listening/reading/researching rather than just posting for the sake of posting.


I've been frustrated with MF and the delays on receiving timely updates/changes to my CR.  A quick scan of these forums shows that I'm not alone.   Frankly I was surprised with the MF's reps honest answer .... but it makes sense in the way he explained it. *shrug*  


I subscribed to the Ultimate 3B service in January.  What I've gathered so far is that the only benefit to the MF service


  1. only service that provides that many different FICO scores and variants (auto, bankcard, etc)
  2. decent smartphone app

Seeing the long list of different FICO scores had some educational value but not worth waiting on updates.  Perhaps others feel differently.


Other services seem to provide CRA updates more timely and some services are even free (CreditKarma, CreditSesame).  If you only need a FICO8 score I'm not sure what the benefit of MF versus its competitors are?


If I'm missing something here please let me know.  Otherwise I'll be cancelling MF soon as I put the $29.95/mo to better use.


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