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EQ Scorewatch Accuracy

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EQ Scorewatch Accuracy

I have read that EQ Scorewatch should be set at whatever your current fico reads, so that when it goes above that, you will get that alert.  Well I've done that and it works so far, but I am wondering how well:


This last time, myfico was 613 so I set it to alert me at 614, off by 1 point.  I just had 4 old accounts go positive and it sent me an alert that my threshold had been met, my score is now 614.  


These were my oldest accounts, I can't believe by 4 of them going positive I only gained a point.  Also taking into the fact that TU has 2 recent inquiries, and EX has 6 - those are both in the 640's (see my siggy) and EQ has 0!  Is scorewatch designed to just show you that you are meeting your threshold, or if you surpass it greatly will it tell you that?


I.e. if these 4 accounts going positive really made my EQ fico 650 just for sake of argument - because I have it set at 614, will it only show me 614 and not the 650 it actually is because I do not have it set that high?


I just can't understand why EQ is lagging behind with all the same data.


Bottom line - if I set myfico to my current score to watch for decreases and increases, and I get a 100 point increase will it tell me that?  Or just sit at my current score because I did not get a decrease?


Thank you

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