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Equifax .....


Equifax .....

I get regular updates around 20th to 25th  of each month for TU & EX; However, I haven't had an update on EQ for the last 2 months & and I don't know what to make of it. I'm making my regular payments as usual.  I did mess with the alert settings under My Acc could that be it ?

Equifax: 704 TransUnion: 710 Experian: 706
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Re: Equifax .....

I'm in the same boat.  It's 3/3/2019 and noticed that Equifax is lagging behind with updates to myFICO.  The last Equifax alert on FICO was on 2/9... almost a month ago.


With that in mind, I got the free account with Equifax due to their security breaches and noticed that they don't have any alerts since 2/9.  I know that with my 12 tradelines - I know, it's a mess but moving in right direction - that I'm getting MULTIPLE reports every week from the other CRA's and with FICO.


It appears that my creditors are not updating Equifax but I find that hard to believe as they are reporting to the others just fine.


I'm just a bit confused and really want to give Equifax a bump so that the EQ score will reflect my new utilizations.  I've got from 90% utilization down to the 40% range and rapidly approaching 30% which is getting really exciting.  


I've been doing my Dave Ramsey approach and WORKING LIKE AN ANIMAL!  Of course, I'd love to get an alert telling me to get some more sleep but I owe, I owe, I owe.


Thanks everyone.  I've learned a tremendous amount on the forums.  I just wish someone would have schooled me so much earlier in life.


Your friend in Virginia,

Paul L.

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