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Error in EX FICO 2 score model?

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Error in EX FICO 2 score model?

I've been a myFICO Premier subscriber for almost 2 years now, and have never seen this before.


I just pulled my monthly 3B, and all the report account data is correct and exactly what I expected this month.

There is no report data to dispute here.


But my EX 2 score is down -2 points and the reason statements shown are:

  1. You have a short credit history. (Ok)
  2. You have not established a long revolving and/or open-ended account history. (Ok)
  3. You have too many credit accounts with balances. (Ok, 2 of 4)
  4. There are no recent balances on your revolving and/or open-ended accounts. (Wrong)

The 3B report is correctly showing 2 of 4 revolving accounts with balances: $189 and $1,234 for a total of $1,423 aggregate balance (4%).

  • Those 2 accounts have always counted before on all my 3B reports over the past 1yr 10mos.
  • One of them is a Citi Costco Anywhere Visa Signature card reporting a $1,234 balance this month.
  • I have no charge cards - just regular revolving bank-issued cards (no retail).
  • The Citi Visa alone should prevent 'no recent balances', but it didn't.
  • I'm not freaking out over losing 2 points on EX 2 scores. lol Just curious about this error.

This seems like a problem with the EX 2 scoring module, and I'm unsure of where to report that.

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Re: Error in EX FICO 2 score model?

I think you’re right. I think it’s a newer code for the newer versions that’s not backwards compatible. However the lender sent the codes. However remember Mr. Quinn did say they can fix bugs after the fact if it’s brought to their attention of course.
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