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FICO Quarterly Monitoring Activated on 1/26/13

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FICO Quarterly Monitoring Activated on 1/26/13

Hi Barry, 


I have a quick question for you. I activated my FICO Quarterly Monitoring on 1/26/13. I understand that there is a 3 month minimum subscription required, however I think the Score Watch (3 month minimum requirement) is what I need if it will update my FICO score automatically? If this is the case, would it possible for me to change my subscription? Please advise. Thanks! 

Equifax: 6/2013 (647) / 10/2013 (647) / 11/13 (654) / 6/05/14 (725)
Experian: 6/2013 (673) / 10/2013 (684) / 12/12/13 (692)
TU Walmart: 6/2013 (683) / 10/2013 (693) / 01/2014 (704) / 06/05/14 (705)
Goal Score: 700 across the board

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Re: FICO Quarterly Monitoring Activated on 1/26/13

Only FICO Admins could probably answer that, and they tend to be on short supply in here. [ETA...Barry is no longer on these forums]. Definitely worth a call to myFICO. My gut is the answer is no because it's a different product and a different price. 


As an FYI, FICO Quarterly Monitoring (aka TUQM) and ScoreWatch (SW) both provide updates. TUQM is basically a prepaid plan for your TU FICO report every quarter (hence the name). There's no alerts in the interim. SW doesn't provide automatic updates though. It'll give you two EQ FICO reports per year with the first being used when you subscribe, but you have to buy any report beyond the first 2. It will provide score updates provided your EQ report is changing in a way to trigger an alert (e.g. new accounts, new inquiries, etc.).

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