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Family Premier PLEASE!

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Family Premier PLEASE!

I've been a myfico member for two years now.  Great product.


Switched to the family plan (technically a downgrade for me) so I could get my wife on myfico too.  The rep told me there may be a family premier in the works.... this was a year ago.


PLEASE PLEASE add a family premier option!  We want our reports every month! Preferably without buying two subscribions... I end up giving additional money to Ex every month so I can at least get a 3b once a month while still getting the other FICO variants at least once.per quarter.  


PLEASE - Family Premier!



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Re: Family Premier PLEASE!

I agree with you! I need MyFico to add a premier version to their Family Plan!  I love getting my 3 bureau reports each month. I want to be able to do the same for my wife also without having to buy 2 separate premier memberships!


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Re: Family Premier PLEASE!

+10000 My family would definitely take advantage of a Family Premier plan. MyFICO, please consider this.. some of us have been members many years and woud love to have this option for our spouse/children. Thanks!

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Re: Family Premier PLEASE!

Absolutely would get onboard.  Especially if it was only $10/mo more.  


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Re: Family Premier PLEASE!

I'd switch from's ExtraCredit to a Family Premier plan in a heart beat.

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Re: Family Premier PLEASE!

One more for a family premiere plan.  I want to get a premiere membership for each family member but cannot justify the cost.  

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