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Forum Suggestion—>Banks/Lenders DPs?

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Forum Suggestion—>Banks/Lenders DPs?

Unsure if this is the right spot for this, so please file it where it needs to be mods thank you!

Wondering if a section on banks/lenders might be more helpful for folks trying to get info and compare lenders. 

If you had a subsection in that section devoted to X Bank who issues these cards and products, you might have a sticky that lists/compiles some basic info, then folks can post their experiences, adding to the DPs in the sticky above them. 

For example, X Bank issues this X Platinum card. There are no DPs for BK folks getting this card, but rebuilders with these scores seem to get it. The recon number works 50% of the time so it's not reliable. Etc etc. 

Links could be used in these posts to other already existing posts in the forum. 

I'm a new member and often struggle trying to find DPs on one particular bank. Searches are helpful, but when it's Capital One could be Cap1, capitOl one, c1, capone etc etc. Or discover is Disco, discit, jealous missy etc etc. They are hard to find. A devoted, mediated, not necessarily curated, sub section on each bank might make that searching more efficient and be more useful for users. Any thoughts?

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