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Got ScoreWatch for $9.95!


Got ScoreWatch for $9.95!

Called Customer Service, asked if there are any promotions going on before I sign up after my free trial, and they had me purchase it for $14.95, then we reduced it to $9.95 and credited me the $5. Price locked in for atleast 6 months. 


Can't beat $10 a month!

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Re: Got ScoreWatch for $9.95!

Nice! That's the best deal for a monthly subscription I've seen so far!

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Re: Got ScoreWatch for $9.95!

Lucky you. Smiley Happy 


I did sign up my trial in November and know it is a 3 months minimum thereafter. But then in December I did get their promotional offer for 99USD / year for SW and tried to sign up for the full year. After all I did get this offer to the same email address which I use for SW subscription. This really got me frustrated and I cancelled SW or tried to cancel but then the agent came with the 9.95USD offer which I gladly accepted. It is  for 6 months. Unfortunately the confirmation by email  of the rate change (promised twice on the phone) never came and I do not know if I can trust this offer because after 2 phone calls I never got any email confirmation for the new rate as promised twice. When I ask by email for the rate confirmation the only thing I managed to get even twice is a standard reply:


Thank you for contacting myFICO Customer Care. Please call 1-800-319-4433 (Monday-Friday 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM; Saturday 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time), and a myFICO Customer Care representative will be happy to assist you.

(Jacob and Sylvia)


I am still charged 14.95USD per month. I am not so sure if I can trust this offer now as clearly promised twice the 9.95USD with an email confirmation that never comes. But instead I keep getting these robotic mails to call. In my case I do not see any credit back to my account that is why I do not trust this offer and wonder if I need to cancel entirely first and wait for a new offer which I can sign up myself online?  I am new to MyFico but customer service does not look too professional to me and I honestly do not trust this offer after my recent experience by phone. 




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Re: Got ScoreWatch for $9.95!

I've only ever called them once and was very satisfied with the experience. Next time you call them, let them know you're not hanging up until you get an email confirmation in your inbox. I've dealt with CS in many service providers, and sometimes you need to be really firm with your request to get what you want. 

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Re: Got ScoreWatch for $9.95!

Hello friends,


Confirming 9.95$ lifetime price


Dear ****,

Thank you for contacting myFICO Customer Care.

Per our conversation I have applied the special promotion to your Score Watch product reducing the monthly price from $14.95 to $9.95. This promotion will continue for the life time of your subscription.

myFICO Customer Care

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Re: Got ScoreWatch for $9.95!

does the 9.95 subscription allow for 30% off credit report purchases?

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yes basballguy , at least for me it does.

yes basballguy , at least for me it does.

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