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I am not getting my Credit Alerts

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I am not getting my Credit Alerts

I have applied for at least 3 different types of credit and have not received any credit alerts nor the effects it may have to my score.  I log in to my account daily and there is no reporting or changes to any accounts or inquiries.  Is there a good reason for this. Obviously there is no excuse for not receiving the alerts that I pay for but would like an explanation as to why or how this could happen.
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maybe the inquiries were made with the othe two bureaus

maybe the inquiries were made with the othe two bureaus
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No Alerts -  I also have not gotten one single alert & will be switching to a better service. Too many negative threads here on this subject .
Here's my story- after pulling my Score again from "MYFICO" no less , a  30 point boost from the addition of 2 "aged" accounts & 1 "new" line of credit prompted no alert. The generic e- mail they send to let you know you will be receiving alerts and what to expect  is misleading to say the least.
All my settings for alerts were active and should have prompted an alert  for even the slightest change in my report.
Good Luck All
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Highscore When I first signed up I was not receiving aler...

When I first signed up I was not receiving alerts either. I am now, I have been a subscriber for about a month now. What I have noticed is the system is a little slow to update. So it is possibly that the accounts have not been added or updated. I am starting to see an email every Saturday for some odd reason. The last alert I got was from me paying down my card and getting a limit increase, this happened a month ago, but I just got the alert last Saturday. I also have added two new accounts and I have yet to receive an alert, neither are they on my credit report. It is a little frustrating.
By the way, what other service are you signing up for?
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Jaybe / Highscore -...

Jaybe / Highscore -  
                                    Slow to update is putting it nicely. If you didn't receive an alert until one month
later, that only confirms what many others in this forum have reported. The scary thing is a whole
lot of damage can be done to your credit in one month if you're a victim of fraud. Thats a huge risk
paying subscribers shouldn't have to accept. Why pay for a service you're not getting?
           In my case , 3 new trade lines ( 2 aged and 1 new)appeared on my report in less than 2 wks of opening the accounts. ( I know this is unusually
fast but Equifax had them) and i got no alerts.
Just  out of curiosity & I pulled another Score Watch report from MYFICO and low and behold - 30 point boost on my report. MYFICO already had access to that info. because they pull their reports  from Equifax! So why no alerts? Inexcusable in my opinion,especially after all I've read here.
       If you search through the threads here there is a link to an article about MYFICO in
litigation for this very reason , including some of the other products they offer.
The moderators may have removed the link by now but
  as long as people report the truth here they'll have to keep up w/ us. This thread will probably
be deleted shortly because it's not somehing they want everyone to see.but the truth is the truth.
As to your question ,I'm not sure which service I will be going with as there are so many, but rest assured I'll be doing more homework before signing up.
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Re: Jaybe / Highscore -...

Try True Credit monitoring service from TransUnion. It's only 11.21/mo. if you use the link from the Wal-Mart Financial Services website. You can get all 3 credit reports daily, alerts, and identity theft insurance.
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Re: Jaybe / Highscore -...

Jeepnut wrote:
Why pay for a service you're not getting?

That's exactly how I feel.  I love the FICO report, especially since the improvements.  I really enjoy the forums and find them very useful.  However, Scorewatch isn't what it is cracked up to be and that's the only thing I'm not satisfied with at all.  If one monitoring service can get an update today, why does it take Scorewatch 1-7 days to report the same exact alert - it's baffling.
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Re: Jaybe / Highscore -...

myfico has alerts? strange cause I have never received ANY and I've had this account going 2 months, with plenty of changes in that time. myfico alerts sounds like a contradiction.....................
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Re: Jaybe / Highscore -...

I agree. Its slow, I'm a victim of identity theft and it would be nice to get faster updates on the status of my score. I like the forums and all, people have been a big help, but I won't be renewing. Smiley Sad
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Re: Jaybe / Highscore -...

I have just checked my credit alerts history on Scorewartch, and all the enquiry alerts are there for the last two years.  And all were reported about the correct time.
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