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Identity Analysis Report - SSN Alias Worthless?

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Identity Analysis Report - SSN Alias Worthless?

Tried searching and didn't find this...just checking to see if I am crazy. Resubscribed to MyFico this week. Today, I got the Identity Analysis Report, which includes two things:


  1. Black Market Website Surveillance - No alerts: Yay for me!
  2. SSN Alias Watch - All my past and current address and...wait...what's this...a name I do not recognize. Hey...what's this...and address I do not recognize!

For the record, I have a very plain name (think John Smith) and this other name is very different, so it's not just a close accident. And the address is for Texas, where I have never lived but I can confirm via Facebook that this woman (I am a man, if that matters) lives in that city in Texas (I live in Michigan, for what it's worth).


So I call MyFico like it says...their customer service person was EXTREMELY nice. Like, someone I would love to have lunch with...but she essentially says, Meh...don't worry about it. As long as you do not have any accounts open that you do not recognize, it's no big deal.


Well, I will admit that I do not love my SSN being associated with another name and address so I ask where they get the data so that I can correct it. Her response was they do not know. But that if it really bothers me, I should contact my local court to have it corrected. I then confirm, my local court (where I live) or the local court in Texas? To which her supervisor replies...Texas.


So basically, they tell me to ignore it or call a Texas courthouse and try to explain that I am from Michigan but I'd like some nebulous public record in their courthouse of which I have no details to be corrected. Obviously, I am not going to do that. I froze my credit but here are my two questions:


  1.  Am I missing something that someone else can advise on?
  2. Am I bonkers for thinking that if they are going to give me the information, MyFico should at least be able to tell me the source or else just stop giving our the reports?

Thank you in advance for any assistance!

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