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Is MYFICO worth $42+ per month??

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Re: Is MYFICO worth $42+ per month??

MyFICO credit monitoring is great but overpriced.

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Re: Is MYFICO worth $42+ per month??

@Overmedicated wrote:

The only scores that change throughout the month are your core FICO 8 scores.  If you want to see any other changes you will have to wait for a monthly update for other scores.


As far as price goes, don't sign up for the monthly subscription for $40.  Sign up for the quarterly for $30 and then cancel.  Resign up for the quarterly every month.  Obviously you will have monthly monitoring and fresh pulls every month for while saving $10 per month.  Since there is a coupon code that you can apply at checkout, it would be wise to google myfico coupons and try to find active codes for even better savings.  They certainly won't tell you if they are running a promo or not before checkout but a quick google search can save you $. 

Thanks @Overmedicated  I was definitely unaware of coupons. Now, that could make me want to try it at least once. 

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Re: Is MYFICO worth $42+ per month??

No when you can get it cheaper elsehere as others have CTT is great if you use the trick 

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