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Issue with purchasing 3B products, help

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Issue with purchasing 3B products, help

In the past I always had issued with purchasing products on MYFICO

Always identity issues


When I purchase on Experian or other CB is work fine


This is the message I get (The last purchase they mention is years ago)


We were unable to confirm your identity during your last purchase attempt.

Your security is important to us, and therefore you will need to confirm your identity prior to purchasing any future myFICO product.

Your identity can be confirmed by a myFICO Customer Care agent in just a few minutes by following these steps:

1) Gather recent loan or credit card statements (the information on these statements may be used to confirm your identity).

2) Call our customer support at 1-877-220-1541 (Monday - Friday 6:00AM - 6:00PM or Saturday 7:00AM - 4:00PM PST).



None of creditors ever have problem checking my credit, I have an experian credit monitoring service that works fine, I use credit karma, ...

Why is MYFICO so complicated ?

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Re: Issue with purchasing 3B products, help

I just 'purchased' the 3B premier and ran into the same issue as you.  I called in to their number in the email and after going through an authentication process they told me that they could not access my reports because they are frozen.  They said that I would have to unfreeze all of them in order to be able to use the 3B product.  It sucks because I don't want to pay to thaw and then pay again to refreeze my reports.  I had no idea it would come to that as creditchecktotal and others pull them successfully in spite of the freeze.  Oh well, I will just go without myfico reports for now since it's not worth the cost to me right now to thaw and refreeze my reports.

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