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MYFICO Alerts are NOT coming through

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MYFICO Alerts are NOT coming through

I've had my subscription for MYFICO going on 3 months now.  I pay for the subscription that allows me to see all 3 score and get updates to my scores as they happen.  Well... someone isn't pulling a lever over there at MYFICO or something.  I have had other credit score providers (CK,, credit sesame, Dicover) update my score reflecting all of my accounts being paid down, but not MYFICO.  I'm not sure what the deal is...  I just paid down $6000 out of $7050 worth of credit card debt, statments have been cut, and still nothing from MYFICO.  I don't think I would be all that bothered about it if I didn't already know that the other guys are telling me that they are paid.  I just want to know my real FICO scores are now with all of the updates.   

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Re: MYFICO Alerts are NOT coming through

I have two credit cards that give me a free experian fico 8 score and they updated 2 week ago to my current score.

But Myfico the service I pay for and recently upgraded hasn't updated my score since May 12th. Not sure what I'm paying for.

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Re: MYFICO Alerts are NOT coming through

Put Complaint in the tag and maybe if enough peole do this, they will get it fixed. My EQ and my husbands EQ and my sons EQ all update slowly with alert but the scores dont change white TU and EX are working correctly. We are not the only ones having this issue with this product.

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