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My BBB review for

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My BBB review for


I recently clicked on the Better Business Bureau button at the right lower corner of the myFICO website. After reading all the negative reviews I decided to write a positive review as I am most satisfied with myFICO.


"I am leaving this review since it seems only dissatisfied customers are reviewing MyFICO. I have been using paid MyFICO credit monitoring services for a year now and I would put them on par with the other paid credit monitoring services. What sets MyFICO apart from the others is their support of the myFICO forums. This community, which does not necessarily recommend the paid MyFICO product, has been an exceptionally valuable free resource for those with questions on how to manage and improve their credit situation. While MyFICO is in business to make a profit, they are a stalwart community leader in the resources they provide in the support of the myFICO forums. I see MyFICO's focus in helping individuals understand their credit situation and not just trying to make a profit off of consumers not understanding how credit works."


Perhaps if you feel the same, you too could leave an honest review of for those looking into using myFICO services.

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Re: My BBB review for

Nice. I agree with you. I haven't seen the BBB reviews, but will look for the link. It's a shame ppl usually post negatives. 

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Re: My BBB review for

It seems most of the people rate it low because of billing/cancel issues, not necessarily the product itself.  Here are 2 of my favorite comments:


"They have a neat dashboard but most of the information is useless. You don't need to know all those numerous scores, all you need is one score"

     Correct..... every creditor pulls the same model and same bureau Smiley Very Happy


"So, I called today because I saw that *** Ultimate Fico 3B subscription came out of my account. So I wasn't aware that it was a MONTHLY service."

     Uh, perhaps the word subscription would imply it is ongoing?  Not to mention the giant words Quarterly or Monthly when you select your package.

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Re: My BBB review for

I totally agree with you also.  New member, have been lurking since the beginning of May.  Support is HUGE in these forums.

Valuable knowledge being passed around, trying to soak it all up like a sponge Smiley Happy  Glad I joined. 

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Re: My BBB review for


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