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My fico lack of information

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My fico lack of information

Asked before but will try again. Unlike the FREE credit karma report, myFICO which we pay a monthly fee for does not give you a breakdown of your credit card information like list of all credit cards with balance and payment information. I feel this should be part of the service not just an occasional score update and would like to know why not. I'm reconsidering continuing the service 

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Re: My fico lack of information

I think what you are looking for is there, but you have to take a couple steps to see it all, rather than a summary screen with one liners.  We also have Ultimate, so that could make a difference.


In my monthly report I can look at any account that is contained within each bureau.  I can filter this for revolving/open ended accounts.  Typically there is the balance and credit limit listed.  Choosing more details often has the scheduled payment and high balance. 


I take alerts for pretty much anything that changes by $1.  This allows me to see when a payment has posted and the statement completed.  It also shows me how that affects my score.  Some alerts look like they have had an effect on your score, but reality is it was one of your other alerts.  There are certain times of the month where I get loads of alerts in 24 hour period with the scores hopping all over the place. I've had some gaps in alerts since the begining of December.  Not sure why.  But have found the service very valuable to understand how actions we take can affect our credit.


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