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MyFICO “Down for Maintenance” after accidentally using VPN...?

Regular Contributor

MyFICO “Down for Maintenance” after accidentally using VPN...?

(EDIT:  Please see resolution below.  This issue is not ongoing.)


Hello everyone,

The subject says most of what I’m trying to say here but when I log into MyFICO at home on my WiFi, I get the error message: “Website is temporarily down for maintenance ...”.

I accidentally logged in while connected to NordVPN (Woopsie!).

I can access everything from my phone’s data connection just fine. Any advice? I am guessing I’ll have to call. :-(

Thanks in advance,

iMacGuy 🖥


UPDATE ON 9/23/2018 @ 10:27 p.m.:


Everything seems to have resolved itself by the end of the day.  Either that or a tech admin saw this post and assisted...  👨🏻‍💻 😹


Either way, this thread can be locked or deleted I suppose.


Thank you for reading!  🥂

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