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MyFICO is slow

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MyFICO is slow

I have had MyFICO for about a year, but recently it has been slow to update?. My CCT (which I pulled 3B last Thursday) has my updated Fico8 6 points higher then MyFICO, reason being is CCT has my updated account (cabelas) at 0 and it still hasn't updated through MyFICO...
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Re: MyFICO is slow

This has been the case for me too. In the last 5 days, for example, I had 2 collections removed (PIF to the OC in February). I just pulled transunion (the only CRA that the collection was reported  to) and they are already reflecting the removals. Haven't heard a peep from my 3B premiere

Starting EQ 553 TU 541 Jan2017
Current EQ 679 TU 680 EX 687
Goal: 680 ATB
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Re: MyFICO is slow

Still no update.... my scores been changed since the 23rd... lol.

I feel your pain JJC37
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Re: MyFICO is slow

I am also annoyed that I pay quite a bit monhtly and Fico is slower than free services to alert me...

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Re: MyFICO is slow

Yeah... CreditWise tells me immediately for TU pulls, CCT also tells me fast and CK is faster then MyFICO...

29.95 is a nice chunk of change monthly to be shelling out when you literally get 2 updates a month... CCT is a better "bang for your buck". Oh and my EX finally updated, 2 weeks after CCT still no update on TU or EQ.. lol
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Re: MyFICO is slow

Slow for me too. 

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Re: MyFICO is slow


Slow to the point of annoying...


Waiting for a new Inq to show up on EQ

Waiting for a new account to show on TU.


MyFICO seems to be a day or two behind the free providers.


3/2018 - EQ 699 // TU 675 // EX 675
3/2016 - EQ 615 // TU 605 // EX 621
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Re: MyFICO is slow

Yeah... Really slow... For example -- my AMEX card statement closed on the 24th.. On the 25th, I did a check on Credit Karma... The balance change (as well as a corresponding score increase) came through on both EQ & TU when checking CK... Here we are on the 27th, and still nothing from myFICO.


I've also had instances where myFICO took as long as a week to update after the changes were showing on Credit Karma.. I'm on Premier 3B, and I've had this happen after I was eligible to pull a new monthly 3B report, and the changes from a week prior were not on the 3B report that myFICO supposedly pulled.


I dont think myFICO actually pulls a new report.. I think they rely on streaming updates from some 3rd party supplier, and with those updates they assemble a new report that is then applied to the various simulators and score models.  I think its a bit deceiving.

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Re: MyFICO is slow

I had a instance where it was 3 weeks... Experian let me pull a new report everyday for $12 or so...
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Re: MyFICO is slow

Yeah... The slowness is ridiculous... Just based on TransUnion activity and AMEX:


AMEX updated TU for one account of mine 7 days ago, verified on WalletHub -- still waiting for myFico to show those changes.

AMEX updated TU for a different account of mine 5 days ago, also verified on WalletHub -- still nothing from myFico.



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