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MyFICO isn't good for rebuilding

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MyFICO isn't good for rebuilding

When someone is rebuilding their credit, a lot of things are going on relatively quickly from accounts updating, getting removed, inquiries adding/deleting, personal information adding/deleting, etc...


All of the free and other paid services seem to have an updated API from the bureaus that send alerts in almost real time.  Within minutes or a few hours of data changing from ALL 3 of the major credit bureaus.  myFICO takes days to get an alert pushed to us if even at all.  I've called to ask about this several times and was told various things which are all indications that whatever 'connection' as they call it... (API is what I'd call it) is antiquated and not with the times.


myFICO has always had the alure of the best and premium credit monitoring service.  They even charge more than anyone else for a paid service!  While they do provide the best myFICO scores (go figure), there are better solutions to keeping tabs on your changing reports on a daily basis.  I won't name them here as I believe it's against the forum rules maybe.  Correct me if I'm wrong and I'll add what I use.


After using all of the other free or lesser expensive solutions to keep your credit rebuilding on track and providing a good barometer of what to do next.... THEN perhaps myFICO is a good product to keep tabs on a less frequent basis.


My recommendation to myFICO is to update their old and slow 'connection' to the three major bureaus to their API solutions which provide real time data.


//end rant

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Re: MyFICO isn't good for rebuilding

I agree with your feedback. I, too, prefer to rely on other services as the updates are paramount to my progress. Thanks for sharing this.

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Re: MyFICO isn't good for rebuilding

Is it against rules to PM the suggestions? Im currently only using CK and EX Fico service which I downgraded  after I paid the $1 (my creditcheck total).



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Re: MyFICO isn't good for rebuilding

Count me as obsessed. I love dropping Benjamin’s for my monitoring! Seriously. 😂

Agree with OP though. All valid points.
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Re: MyFICO isn't good for rebuilding

I too have found the 'connection' (as they call it) to be quite slow. You may even call it frustrating due to the premium we pay for this service.

+1 for using a newer API.

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