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MyFico $30 sub

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MyFico $30 sub

I currently have the $29.99/mo sub for MyFico which updates reports quarterly. 

Does this also mean that all other scores besides FICO8's will only be updated quartlery? 

If so, if I were to switch to the monthly reporting sub for $40 before my quarterly sub ends, would all other FICO's be updated monthly? 


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Re: MyFico $30 sub

While I don't know the answer to your question, I would think the answer could be found in the product FAQ or listed under the terms of the package that you signed up / paid for.

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Re: MyFico $30 sub

Yes, all 28 scores will update when a new 3B report is pulled monthly or quarterly, per your subscription.


However, any score changes that accompany alerts in between 3B pulls will only be shown for FICO8  

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