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New Design?

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Re: New Design?

@wilee wrote:

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@wilee wrote:

I previously had a $98 credit card balance and just received an alert for a balance decrease of $98. That same alert shows a balance of $98. The old alerts show a decrease from "X" to "Y". Is that functionality gone in the new and "improved" model?

I'm not sure I understand. I just went in and checked one of my alerts pre-new design and post-new design and compared them side by side. Neither version of the alert for the balance decrease showed me a decrease from "x to y" in the alert title. However, when I look in the NEW UI's alert details, I see



$1,199   $736



When I look in the OLD alert's details, I see in the details of the alert, I see....

  Previously reported Newly reported
Account balance: $X,XXX $YYY
If I am not undertanding your concern properly, I'm sorry. Can you explain it again or maybe include some visuals (with private info blacked/fuzzed out)?

What you posted for the new UI is what I see for alerts that were generated prior to the change. It seems that the new alerts are only displaying the old balance. This appears to be a backend change.


Balance decrease Alert on August 1, 2014:

  • $X,XXX $X,XXX

Balance decrease Alert on August 24, 2014:

  • $XX

hmmm.... the new release went out on 8/21. In the previous post, I was comparing a balance decrease alert I received on 8/22.  I looked around in my account and I also received a balance INCREASE alert on 8/24 which also showed the From -> To information.


  • $X,XXX $X,XXX

I'll have folks dig around a bit more on this to see if I can spot this issue elsewhere...?




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Re: New Design?

    Mshellt wrote:

    I miss the "what does it mean to you?" link...It was a link that displayed my credit rating along side my likely percentage rate for a mortgage or auto loan. Has that feature been discontinued or is it in a different location?

That feature now resides within the Savings center: -- then click on Mortgages link in the top nav. This will show you the current mortgate rates according to Informa Research Services. This tool is also more specific in that you can configure it to the state for the loan's origination and a specific loan amount. I hope that helps. Cat Happy

Thank you!

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Re: New Design?

I completely agree with keithB.  This site is not what I signed up for ... I don't like it at all -- it's not intuitive and it doesn't give me what I want.  I always went to the list of scores to see my history and up/down changes that correspond with each alert.  That graph is completely useless to me.  I've been a member for 10 years and have absolutely no desire to continue service.  My reaction to this change is so unfavorable I actually sought out this forum to make my very first post just to have somewhere to voice my disapproval.  What on earth would make myFICO do this to their site?  What a shame.

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Re: New Design?

I don't like the new look and my most recent Quarterly Report has disappeared.

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