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No product after paying for it

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No product after paying for it

Ok, so I signed up and paid for two products, the one-time check for scores from both Experian and Transunion. I filled out the info, submitted my credit card, and clicked "Make Payment." The website sat there spinning for a while, and then came back with no on-screen updates. I finally got out of the site and logged back in, and I can't find the products I ordered. It's wanting me to purchase them again!


I checked my bank account online, and myFICO charged me $39.90. Are the reports hidden in My Account somewhere, or did I just get robbed?

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Re: No product after paying for it

Moderators don't have access to your info and I'd suggest giving myFICO a call today. You can get both your TransUnion and Equifax reports (not Experian) from here. I know when a purchase is made, whether it goes through or not, a temporary authorization is made. If the purchase is successful, then the temp authorization turns into a purchase, and if it fails the authorization hangs around for a short period, but drops after a day or two or so. If it failed, there could be reasons why like not enough info in your reports to generate a FICO score or identifying info used for security issues when you order wasn't verified, or even having a fraud alert reporting can block a purchase. They should be able to tell you.


Had the purchase gone through, you would see both scores on your page when you click "My Account" at the top of this page.



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Re: No product after paying for it

Click "My Account" up above, then scroll down until you see either Score Watch or Transunion monitoring.


....and no, you didn't pay for anything Experian related.

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