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PLEASE let us turn off Identity Monitoring

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PLEASE let us turn off Identity Monitoring

Fair Isaac's does credit monitoring well.  Identity Monitoring ... not so much (stated calmly & respectfully).


It's a given that, since Equifax provided access to the confidential financial information of more than half of U.S. consumers, our information is out there on the black market / dark web.  There's not a lot to be done about that, other than be vigilant -- but that vigilance is already facilitated by myFICO's existing credit tools.


So ... (less calmly) ... can you please let us TURN OFF the identity monitoring functionality if we don't want it, rather than generate alerts that provide no actionable tasks?  It's at best a distraction and, at worst, an unnecessary source of stress.


P.S. - FWIW, Experian's functionality is no better -- and it's UI is far more cluttered & inscrutable.

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