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Payment History

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Payment History

Is it possible to obtain payment history for MyFICO product charges?  Can't find it anywhere

Chase Freedom: $1500, Citi Diamond Preferred: $3000, Barclays: $3900, Chase Disney Visa: $1500, Chase Southwest Signature: $5000, Citi TY Preferred: $3000, Cap One Platinum: $1750, Cap One Platinum Rewards: $2500, Orchard Bank: $900, Kay Store Card: $6600, PayPal $2200
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Re: Payment History

I second this, is there a way to get statements / reciepts of monthly charges.

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Re: Payment History

I emailed them and was informed there is no method to provide a history of myfico payments for our subscripions/services. I was advised to contact our finanical institution for record of payment. If you guys learn of a different method, please share.

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Re: Payment History

Currently, you can't but we are working on it, you'll be able to soon. 

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