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Price Increase

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Re: Price Increase


MojaveMoon wrote:

debtoranon wrote:

So my question is are there any other services offered that give actual FICO's? I used to use TU's TrueCredit service before switching to myFico. Can anyone tell me what their current service is like and if you have had to endure dramatic price increases as of late?


For a long time Equifax had and still has this information buried in their website:

To Obtain Your Credit Score By law, you are entitled to obtain your credit score. There is a fee of $7.95 to obtain your credit score from Equifax Information Services. To request your credit score, please contact:

Equifax Information Services LLC

PO Box 105252

Atlanta, GA 30348

or call 1-877-SCORE-11


I've never seen anyone order this and report back as to whether the received score was FICO or FAKO.


Second, there's Equifax's Score Watch


The information, to me, is confusing. It appears to be saying that it'll regularly inform you as to changes to your Equifax FICO score. On the other hand, that link also says that that service gives you just two Equifax FICO scores per year.


Third, TransUnion let you order a TransUnion credit report together with a TransUnion FICO score if you ordered that report from a very particular link:


I haven't visited that link in a long time. Tonight, that link still mentions a FICO score. However, I'm baffled as to how you're supposed to go about ordering the TransUnion report together with TransUnion FICO score from that link. The process of doing so *used* to be very straight forward.

You can't get a FICO score from them anymore. The FICO thingy on that website is a trap!


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Re: Price Increase

Has anyone tried the Quarterly Monitoring service myFICO has? Maybe after the mass exodus they'll lower their prices again. 

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Re: Price Increase

When you've got the upper hand and are locked into a lower rate, they fabricate a reason to cancel you so you have to pay more if you want the service.

See my post here:

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Re: Price Increase

I also just cancelled my myFICO Score Watch service. $8 per month seems reasonable. $15 per month? I'm thinking rip off.


But what really pissed me off was that I was never notified of this increase. That is a scummy thing for a company like this to do. An alert on the website, an e-mail, something... but to simply not tell me at all? What kind of treatment is that?


Once myFICO is willing to offer me that $8 rate again, I might consider rejoining. Until then, I'm going elsewhere, and I certainly lost trust in this company. I will be sure to reiterate that to friends, family, and online following.

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Re: Price Increase

agree!!!! I just got the email today stating the increase to 14.95 and I called to cancel. Far too often and far too high of price increases!
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Re: Price Increase

Same here. I didn't know the price was going up until I checked my bank account today. They were nice enough to send me a "Renewal Email" but they conveniently left out the portion that my cost would now be double.


I'm cancelling and going to just use my True Credit subscription. That's $10 a month, and I have access to all three reports and their "FAKO" scores. I don't have any big purchases planned, so I don't really need my FICO now anyway. If they were to reduce the cost, I'll consider coming back, but not for this. Especially when the Trans Union notifications usually come before the FICO ones.

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Re: Price Increase

I haven't checked my scores since January and was about to do so when I realized the price and remembered why I told myself, "No more!"  It has become a complete rip off!  I'm doing everything I need to do now, and while it was nice being able to see how my scores were moving, I don't  need to check them all the time.  I'm in the very low 700s, but that's 3 1/2 years after filing chapter 7 bankruptcy and I think that's pretty good!  I'll just keep using my credit monthly, keep my utilization below 7% and pay my bills early.  I might consider pulling my scores if I need to apply for new credit, but other than that, I'm not giving MyFICO ANY more of my hard earned money!

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