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Problems with Report and Mobile App

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Problems with Report and Mobile App

I notice with my 3B report that there is sufficient information just completely missing from the report, such as "oldest account opened" shows on TU and EX but not for EQ. Also some of the information is inaccurate from a hard copy report sent to me by the bureaus directly such as open dates and DOA.


Insights in the app, ie show time since last late paymeny on EQ but does not tell me what credit item is reporting this. Please help because I cant find it at all therefore I cant fix it, when I know for a fact that i'm on time on everything.


Also a side note about this forum, how to I get all of the little cards, and all the extra stuff at the bottom of my posts like other people have?

1-19 scores
1-20 scores
11-20 scores
1-21 scores

11-18 MyJewelersClub $5k CL
1-19 Discover $1k
1-19 Commenity $300 unsecured, CLI to $620 1-20
8-19 NFCU $500 secured graduated to non secured with limit of $4,500
8-19 NFCU SSL $3k paid down to $233
2-20 NFCU Cash Rewards $15k
5-20 Honda $46k @2.9%
1-21 PayPal Credit SL $3.5k
1-21 CapOne Platinum SL$ 3k
Cant believe it's been 2 years now, these recoveries are so slow its torturous!
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