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Problems with canceling

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Problems with canceling

I am royally PO'd at this cheesy company as well. I signed up **bleep**


Monday morning, I got the notice that my credit card had been charged. I immediately called the call center as soon as it opened again, explained that I was unable to cancel because the website had no way to do it and the call center was closed, and asked to cancel and to get a refund. The surly, poorly trained guy in the call center said he couldn't cancel during the **bleep** within 24 hours...which of course, no one did.


I sent an email with the same request and got no reply. 


I want nothing more to do with a company who does business this way. TransUnion has the same type of trial program, but their website lets you cancel without any BS or hassle. I'm ready to launch a barrage of complaints, but I'm sure nobody at **bleep**



Hi catgirl, I started a new post 4 you because the other one was old and I wanted you post to get answered as soon as possible.

Thank you, Lightnin Moderator

 We are also have some tech difficulties at this time.

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