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Question about updating myfico score


Question about updating myfico score

I am currently in the "free trial" stage here on myfico. If I become a paid member, can I see an updated score whenever I want? Does it work like CK where you have to click to update, or does it stay updated? Because right now I just have a button that says "Update my score and see my credit report for 30% off." Thanks for any help!

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Re: Question about updating myfico score

I have a similar question. I just updated from free to paid on Score Watch and I'm now seeing an "offer" to "Buy Today's Score" for $19.95. What??? Does Score Watch not automatically update me on my score? If not, what's it good for? Credit alerts I can get free from Credit Karma or Credit Sesame. I asked some questions via MyFico's customer service contact form before going to the paid membership, but got non-responsive boilerplate instead of answers. Decided to sign up anyhow because what I've seen of the product looked good.
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