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Re: Celebrate Financial Independence

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Re: Celebrate Financial Independence

How about you support our independence by not engaging in scamming consumers who are attempting to become credit aware? Why do you advertise (heavily) a free trial product (Score Watch), but then make it impossible to cancel the trial product if we aren't impressed? In tiny print buried in a legal disclaimer MyFico claims customers can only cancel the free ScoreWatch trial by sending "an email to us at the address noted in the Contact Us page" , but THERE IS NO CONTACT US PAGE on Furthermore when the MyFico customer follows the "email us" link from the "support center" page indicating that they would like to cancel, it takes the customer through reams of advertising and "please dont go" pages, and "click here to continue" links before it summarily dumps the customer on a generic "You'll have to call us." page. A phone call that only results in the customer being told they will have to cancel in writing at the "contact us" page.


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Re: Celebrate Financial Independence

Hi ackers,


I'm sorry you are having problems canceling your free trial.  Have you tried How do I cancel my Free Score Trial ?

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