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Really? - FICO Quarterly Monitoring


Really? - FICO Quarterly Monitoring

I just went and tried to sign up for the Quarterly Monitoring; getting a report now and three months from now would be perfect timing for our mortgage application.


"Your account has been blocked from ordering a TransUnion product."


Wonderful.  Sent an email, already got a response that apparently I have to call in to verify my identity.  No one had a problem with verifying my identity and taking my money right away when I signed up for Score Watch!  So now I am on wait for "5 to 10 minutes."  It will be interesting to see how long this really takes given what I have been reading about phone wait times.

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Re: Really? - FICO Quarterly Monitoring

Alright, I completely take that back (go figure my foot is now in my mouth Smiley Happy).  Just finished up with the phone call, got my questions answered about Score Watch *and* got the TU quarterly monitoring up and running.



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Re: Really? - FICO Quarterly Monitoring

Yay! Glad you got the issue resolved! Would you mind sharing why they asked you for identify verification? Did you input the wrong personal information or what?


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Re: Really? - FICO Quarterly Monitoring

I don't know.  I asked them about that, and the person I talked to wasn't sure.  She thought that there might have been a fraud alert or security freeze on my TU report, but after finishing up with the verification she said there was nothing like that on the report.


For all I know I did accidentally put in the wrong information.  When the ask questions about student loans, and you have a couple showing up on the report, well ...

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