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Refused refund - very disappointed

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Refused refund - very disappointed

I received a pending transaction on my account for myFICO, I had a reminder on my phone to cancel subsciption if it was not used. I hadn't accessed my FICO for weeks and never received my alert to cancel. I called within two days of the charge to try cancel and request a refund to being told no. It is seldom that I forget to cancel a trial or membership but from what I know usually companies offer a grace period of 1-2 days after it is charged to receive a refund and are understanding. Not in this case.... very dissapointed. I do not need myFICO and would just like a refund. When I spoke to them on the phone, the representative showed no real effort to be helpful. Life happens and we all get busy with work, school, family so why make it extremely difficult to request a refund within a reasonable time? 

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Re: Refused refund - very disappointed

Ill start off my saying I’m no fanboy of myFICO’s monitoring service, so don’t take this as just a fanboy defense, but...

Rules, policies and procedures are in place for a reason. In a customer service business, all customers feel they should be the exception to the rule/policy/procedure. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

I’m sorry you missed the cancellation deadline. Just cancel it now and carry on. It was your mistake, but there is no reason to let it get you all worked up.
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Re: Refused refund - very disappointed

@emmtz wrote:

... from what I know usually companies offer a grace period of 1-2 days after it is charged to receive a refund and are understanding ...

That's not been my experience. Smiley Surprised 

The clock struck midnight. 

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