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Report / Score not updating

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Updated in time.

Brammy wrote:

twnkltoz wrote:
I have mine set (supposedly) to notify me at every change in score.  I got an alert last week for a 4pt increase, but I think it was 2-3 days after the change actually occurred.  I went ahead and ran my free report today and got another 4pt increase, but no notification yet.

Same here, everytime I get a new alert I modify my settings to the new score.  Problem is that I know it is more than a week after being reported before I receive said alerts.  Thew last tiem was over a month
I know a card that was showing maxed out (doesn't report a credit limit) reported 0 balance today on EQ.  Just waiting to see how long it takes to update without pulling a score. Should be a significant increase since it will bring my utili from 34 to about ten and this one has no updated the past two billing cycles.

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This one did indeed update by scorewatch today.  Don't know if it helped that I adjusted my alerts to include the next thing a score increase would take me into new territory for.  It was a nice 15 point bumpSmiley Very Happy

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Check this out! Maybe not the best place to post but I feel good knowing that at least I will get something back for the frustration with the ScoreWatch service. I have the complimentary (free) alerting service from Paypal & Equifax and it still takes 2-3 weeks before I get an alert from ScoreWatch for the same thing that the free service already informed me.
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