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Score Watch Product Feedback

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Score Watch Product Feedback

Most recently, I switched from to MyFico.  Notably, myFico is a few dollars more expensive.  However, I wanted to see how the two products compared.  Additionally, I have read several forums that suggest that lenders often utilize the FICO model more often than the model used by 


Though I have noticed some variations in the scores calculated by both models, with the FICO model generally yielding a lower score, why does the myFico score simulator not factor in your current FICO score? 


From my understanding, it looks like you have to pay for a new Equifax report in order to utilize the most recent score as a baseline for the credit score simulator. provides unlimited access to Experian reports.  My FICO score has increased 12 points since my last Equifax report was generated.  Conversely, the score simulator is still basing its assumptions off of the lower score. 


My goal is to increase my score to 720.  However, in the interim, I don’t want to have to pay for a new Equifax report each time that I want to utilize the credit score simulator for a higher degree of accuracy.   


Also, why does myFico not offer a mobile app like

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Re: Score Watch Product Feedback

Right, the score simulator is based off your latest FICO report as opposed to your latest SW alert. Independently, you can utilize a FICO simulator and get an idea, but wouldn't be based on your latest report.


Good question on the mobile app.

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