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Score Watch is too limited

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Score Watch is too limited

Ok - I signed up for the 10 day free trial. I also signed up for Score Watch - but what irritates me is that Score Watch only watches one FICO score. What is so difficult about providing a product that watches all three FICO scores. 


I'm in the market for a new car - guess what, they don't use Equifax's score - they use TansUnion's score. And other lenders use Experian's score. I want all three monitored monthly. Yes, I know I can go and purchase it every month - that's not my point.


What is so difficult about creating a product that allows us to watch all three scores on a monthly basis. I would be willing to pay to get all three scores every month - but I want it in a Score Watch format. Give us a break myFico -

  • give us a ScoreWatch3 product bundle for cheaper than $19.95x3 per month.
  • Make it compelling and I'll buy it -
  • right now you are just making things awkward and difficult.
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Re: Score Watch is too limited

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Re: Score Watch is too limited

I'd just use Score Watch as a bellweather if I were you.  Keep working on your score until the SW score meets or exceeds what you know you need your TransUnion score to be, then pay one time for the TU score.  If it falls a little short, give it another month or two or three and try again.


That's what we did when we started hunting for a house.  Waited until the EQ score was above 760 (wanted some headroom in case inquiries dropped us lower) and then paid once for the TU score.

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Re: Score Watch is too limited

Score Watch is a product of Equifax. myFICO changed the interface to their likings. SW uses Beacon 5.0 Fico scoing model. Hopefully someday down the road they will offer a product that can monitor all 3 scores. 

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