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Score watch product alerts

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Score watch product alerts

I bought the score watch product on 3/18/2013 I had score watch before on 9/22/2012. On 3/18 I changed the score settings to match my score and on 3/22 I was alerted that my score changed.

I logged in and it says score has not changed since 3/18...?


I call customer service and they told me that it will alert you every week even if scores don't change. Is this something new I've had scorewatch since 2011 and never had it alert me unless a change occurred?

Please clarify.

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Re: Score watch product alerts

It's true. SW will monitor your FICO every 7-10 days and will toss out a PM saying such if there were no changes. This is based off your target score found within settings. AFAIK, it's always that way.

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Re: Score watch product alerts

Right saying no such changes but this one is saying there were changes and nothing happened?
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